Woman Wednesday: Leilani

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Q and A with Leilani Romero, Fairfax County, Virginia

Website: www.leilaniromero.com


Author/illustrator of The Little Things: A Collection of Happy Things


“Since I was a little girl, I loved all things artistic. I would draw people for fun since I could remember and gift them the drawings just to make them smile. I would create cities out of art supplies and colored cardboard…creating my own little world. I would spend hours on Microsoft Paint drawing pretty things simply because I enjoyed it, and little did I know that this was called design.”


Q:What are you passionate about? 

A: I’m a graphic designer, international portrait and wedding photographer, an illustrator, and most importantly an entrepreneur. I graduated from the school of art and visual technology at George Mason University with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in art history. Although this might sound very cut and dry, my college career was far from it. I changed my major three times, and for a while I thought I’d be an architect…It took a little soul searching to find my passion, but in the end I chose happiness over all.

Since I was a little girl, I loved all things artistic. I would draw people for fun since I could remember and gift them the drawings just to make them smile. I would create cities out of art supplies and colored cardboard…creating my own little world. I would spend hours on Microsoft paint drawing pretty things simply because I enjoyed it, and little did I know that this was called design.


In high school, I began to explore photography and in college a friend gave me my very first canon camera because I was really good at photography. I later learned dark room film photography and continued to take portraits of the people I loved because I didn’t want to forget a thing about this beautiful life. As I took more and more photos, I began to receive requests, and friends and family pushed me to launch a Facebook page. Next thing I knew, I was starting an official creative business: Leilani Romero Co. and taking portraits and shooting weddings professionally! It’s been five years since and I wouldn’t have it any other way. After that, I began to expand the design side of my business and launched The Flower Shop, a place for handmade prints. Pretty soon I published my very first book, an illustrated work— The Little Things: A Collection of Happy Things.


While running a business became my passion, in order to support it, I worked in the professional world for five years in the non profit, corporate, and consulting spaces. As a consultant, I was able to learn about marketing strategy, communications, and social media marketing. It was through these many corporate career opportunities that I became a digital marketing subject matter expert. Although I’m only 23, I’m proud to say that I have worked professionally in this space for five years, and it was well worth it.


Q:What things have you learned that have been valuable to you?

A: One of the most valuable lessons I learned is to always be clear and open with others. In business it’s very important to always be professional, learn as much business knowledge as you can, and always educate yourself. Business law is crucial, and drafting the appropriate contracts can really be the best decision in the long run.

IMG_5590 (1)Leilani

Q: What do you want others to learn from your story?

I want others to learn to never stop working on their dreams, and always follow them with all their hearts, because it is so worth it.

The grass is always greener where you water it. Fairytales and daydreams are possible as long as you work hard for them. Nothing comes easy, even if it seems that way, but if you believe in yourself, good things will come. Always be passionate, true to yourself, and constantly search for motivation.

The biggest takeaway is to focus on what will make you happy, and live life to the fullest. If you have a dream, you need to listen to it, and chase it with passion!


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“By Women, For Women” Movement

The “By Women, For Women” movement has started spreading like wildfire.

And boy oh boy, do we feel proud to be women!

Lately in the media, women are in the spotlight! You may be hearing more and more about women taking on roles in leadership and in business.

As more and more women join businesses, start businesses, and become Founders of companies, women are gaining momentum in the business world.

This is truly, a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Women- founded retail companies are taking pride in stating they are by women, for women.

What does that mean exactly?

It means exactly what you may think “by women, for women” means.

It means that we are creating products by women (women created them) and for women. The benefit lies in the fact that women know women.

Our brand stands for women empowerment, and part of our goal is to build women’s confidence. We believe you can and should do anything you desire or feel passionately about! So believe in yourself, because we believe in you, and we believe you should, too!

Is there a business you’ve wanted to start up? Is there a new project or company that you feel passionately about?

At My Lilianas, we support you and believe in women supporting each other. We believe with a having a dream in mind, goal setting, and hard work, you can achieve what you aspire to achieve.

We’d love to hear from you! What do you think of this “By Women, For Women” movement? What are your goals? What is something you are working towards?

What’s your story?

Comment below. 🙂

Thanks for reading, lilies! ❤

The Trap These Mega Brands Want You to Fall Victim to…Don’t Fall for it!

There is a new trap many shoppers are falling victim to. It’s cheap prices on apparel. Yes, that may seem like a good thing, but for many in recent years, that is not the case.

Mega brands (big name brand stores—both storefront and online) are selling you clothing at such low prices that you may think they are doing you a favor, when it is often a disservice to you.

Just like a fine wine, a good pizza, a comfortable pillow, a long-wearing lipstick, some things are worth paying a little extra. Clothing is no different.

Yes, that five dollar top may be quite tempting, and I have fallen victim to buying so many cheap-priced clothing items myself that I have lost count. But not anymore. You should not either. Here is why:


  1. It will not last very long. That $ 5 top you bought that shrunk after one wash, got a hole in it when it got stuck to your purse, the color faded, it stretched out, the stitching came undone, it felt uncomfortable….I could go on and on. Don’t let that $ 5 mislead you, you will soon be throwing it away—and wasting more money on another cute, yet cheap top that will also face the same fate.


  1. It is not good for the environment. Often these cheap clothes are made with harmful chemicals, dyes, and they are manufactured in an unnatural way that sends pollution into our air. Most clothes need dyes and some chemicals, but pricier options often are made with low-impact dyes and chemicals that are environmentally safe. Make a cleaner choice, and opt for more natural material—like cotton. It is healthier for the Earth, and healthier for you!


  1. You will spend more money in the long run. This goes back to number 1…You may think you are getting a great deal with cheap clothing, but you aren’t. Spend a little more to get that well-made $25 top made of 100% cotton, and it could last you several years or longer (and actually save you money).


  1. Support small businesses instead—Often many small businesses will not give you clothes at a super cheap price, because a variety of reasons. One reason being that they cannot compete with the big brand names. Another reason being that they might be made better or more ethically. Also ask yourself, do you want to live in a world where we can only shop at 5 stores, because that is all that is left (because the little guys couldn’t compete)? That would be pretty boring. So instead, support small businesses when you can.


The next time you purchase clothes, ask yourself, “Am I really getting a good deal? Or am I falling into the trap that big name brands want me to fall into?”


Every $1 you spend is towards the businesses of tomorrow.




Next month, My Lilianas will be selling quality, 100% cotton loungewear shorts with pockets for $18 on Kickstarter. It is our pleasure to offer healthy, quality, environmentally friendly loungewear at an affordable price to you soon.

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