About the Blog

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How did the blog get started? 

Well, it all started when I was meeting a lot of women at different business events. Some women were asking me questions; they wanted to know how I started my eCommerce shop and my advice on how to get started. Throughout these events, I met so many inspirational women doing incredible things that I said, “I wish there was one place where we could learn about women’s stories–everyday women you meet who are doing amazing things, just like these women.” And the rest is history!

No matter what your background or what you do, you know something that could help others. You have a life filled with experiences and knowledge that are uniquely yours. Every one of us can teach someone else something they never knew before and offer valuable advice.

Simply put, this blog is meant to inspire all readers and to connect you and our featured women. Everyone posted is happy to connect and chat with you–to share more or to answer questions you might have.

So, I hope you enjoy reading. I hope you feel inspired. I hope you feel a sense of connectedness.

Thank you. 

The Woman Wednesday Blog