Woman Wednesday: Kristen S.

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Q and A with Kristen, Texas 

I once felt like a slave to my debt. It controlled nearly all of my decisions. I learned how to take charge! I want everyone to know, you’re not alone!


Q: What are you passionate about?

A: Hello! I’m Kristen Sierra. I’m a financial healer and an accountant. I discovered my passion for financial healing when I was on my own journey out of debt. I enjoyed the puzzle aspect of it a lot, but the part I love most now is being able to work with and help others. I feel like debt is a sort of plague that affects many and is difficult to heal from. I just want to save everyone! I’m currently developing an online group coaching program. We will focus on mindset, accountability, budget tips, financial communication, financial planning, and more! Enrollment has just begun! 


Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I grew up in a big family. We didn’t always have tons of money, but I never felt poor. My mom was amazing at stretching a recipe, finding free family activities and planning ahead. She taught me so much! As a mom of five, I use many of her tricks in my home now. My mom is also an accountant. I discovered my love for accounting as a teenager when I did work for her. In my very early childhood (and before), my mom had many challenges with her first marriage. She rose above them all and taught her daughters, by example, how to be strong, confident, and to create our own circumstances. 

Q: What is something valuable you’ve learned that you’d like others to know? 

A: I have learned that no situation is hopeless. It’s not too late to rise above your situation and make your life your own. While I haven’t had as severe or as many struggles as my mom, I once felt like a slave to my debt. It controlled nearly all of my decisions. I have since learned how to speak to creditors, how to communicate my circumstances, how to stop shaming myself. I learned how to take charge! I want everyone to know that you’re not alone!

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: To me, feminism is about being in charge of my life and making myself heard. It is about leading through example. Feminism is about teaching my daughters to be strong, compassionate, responsible, independent, and aware members of society. It is about teaching my sons to love and respect women. Feminism is about equal value teamwork and building up those around us; men or women.

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The Trap These Mega Brands Want You to Fall Victim to…Don’t Fall for it!

There is a new trap many shoppers are falling victim to. It’s cheap prices on apparel. Yes, that may seem like a good thing, but for many in recent years, that is not the case.

Mega brands (big name brand stores—both storefront and online) are selling you clothing at such low prices that you may think they are doing you a favor, when it is often a disservice to you.

Just like a fine wine, a good pizza, a comfortable pillow, a long-wearing lipstick, some things are worth paying a little extra. Clothing is no different.

Yes, that five dollar top may be quite tempting, and I have fallen victim to buying so many cheap-priced clothing items myself that I have lost count. But not anymore. You should not either. Here is why:


  1. It will not last very long. That $ 5 top you bought that shrunk after one wash, got a hole in it when it got stuck to your purse, the color faded, it stretched out, the stitching came undone, it felt uncomfortable….I could go on and on. Don’t let that $ 5 mislead you, you will soon be throwing it away—and wasting more money on another cute, yet cheap top that will also face the same fate.


  1. It is not good for the environment. Often these cheap clothes are made with harmful chemicals, dyes, and they are manufactured in an unnatural way that sends pollution into our air. Most clothes need dyes and some chemicals, but pricier options often are made with low-impact dyes and chemicals that are environmentally safe. Make a cleaner choice, and opt for more natural material—like cotton. It is healthier for the Earth, and healthier for you!


  1. You will spend more money in the long run. This goes back to number 1…You may think you are getting a great deal with cheap clothing, but you aren’t. Spend a little more to get that well-made $25 top made of 100% cotton, and it could last you several years or longer (and actually save you money).


  1. Support small businesses instead—Often many small businesses will not give you clothes at a super cheap price, because a variety of reasons. One reason being that they cannot compete with the big brand names. Another reason being that they might be made better or more ethically. Also ask yourself, do you want to live in a world where we can only shop at 5 stores, because that is all that is left (because the little guys couldn’t compete)? That would be pretty boring. So instead, support small businesses when you can.


The next time you purchase clothes, ask yourself, “Am I really getting a good deal? Or am I falling into the trap that big name brands want me to fall into?”


Every $1 you spend is towards the businesses of tomorrow.




Next month, My Lilianas will be selling quality, 100% cotton loungewear shorts with pockets for $18 on Kickstarter. It is our pleasure to offer healthy, quality, environmentally friendly loungewear at an affordable price to you soon.

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