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Q and A with Kristin, Blogger of  The Tiny Red TornadoAnnapolis, Maryland

“There will always be so many outside opinions of people that think they know better or think they know you, but nobody knows you better than you. Also, nobody knows your vision better than you! Trust in yourself.” 




Q: What are you passionate about?

A:  This is a tough question; I have so many passions! My two biggest passions are women’s empowerment and art. My mom is a fiercely independent person, and my dad has always allowed her the freedom to be that. Throughout my entire life, I have appreciated that my parents were very clear that I could do whatever I set my mind to as long as I worked hard. They made it even more clear that I could do it by myself. Although my mother was super great at the encouragement part, she was not so great when it came to fashion choices. This one outfit always sticks out in my head; it consisted of purple corduroy pants and a white turtleneck with poodles all over it. It was, and it still is, 100% the most hideous outfit ever known to humankind. I am convinced that outfit is the reason I am so deeply passionate about art, more specifically, the beauty and fashion industry.




Right now, I am a store manager of an ALDO shoe store by day and a lifestyle blogger at The Tiny Red Tornado by night. It is the holiday season in retail; a lot of my time is spent at my store. In regards to my blog, I am currently working on a body positivity series centered around women’s empowerment and self-love. This is very special to me because all women of all sizes have felt some sort of discomfort in their own skin for various reasons. It is my hope that we can all come together on this one issue and show the world that there is more to women than the outward appearance. We are CEOs and mothers. We are hardcore businesswomen, and at the same time, we can be guests at a stuffed animal tea party. We play with the big dogs, and we play with Thomas the Tank Engine. We watch Ted Talks and we watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Full disclosure, I am not a mom. I am an aunt to a wonderful ginger dude. My mom is a working mom, my sister is a working mom, and I am a working aunt. There are days I babysit all day long, and I am typing up things for my blog while watching Moana on repeat and pushing toy trucks around the floor. We can do it all, and we should love ourselves while we do it!



Q: What is something valuable you’ve learned that you’d like others to know?

A: Trust yourself. You know what is best for you and for your passion, whatever that may be. There will always be so many outside opinions of people that think they know better or think they know you, but nobody knows you better than you. Also, nobody knows your vision better than you!



Q: What were your younger years like?

A: My younger years! Oh gosh, I loved my childhood! I don’t have any sad stories that shaped me or brought me to my passion. I have two very loving parents that let a small girl dream big and supported her through that. I also grew up with two super cool sisters that were my built-in best friends. My parents helped me pay for a summer program when I was in high school at the fashion school I later attended! I did a fashion merchandising and design program for high schoolers at VCU Arts, and it was genuinely life-changing. I was obsessed with the school, with the city, and with the education. I had always wanted to go to fashion school after high school, but my very practical dad could not see how that would support me in life, and he viewed it more as a hobby. Long story short, I applied to VCU Arts, and I was accepted and off to fashion school. I went with my dad cheering me on every step of the way! Honestly, my parents and my sisters are my biggest supporters. My little sister has always looked up to me (even though physically she looks down because I am the shortest of all three of us). We have always been close. Most of the time, she is the person I hang out with. My older sister has always been an old soul, so a lot of times she would act as a mother to me. She is the one I have had my definite ups and downs with throughout life, but I think it is because we are way more similar than we would like to admit. I would never admit this to her face, but I admire her. She made a life plan for herself at age three, and she fulfilled everything she set out to do. I have issues sticking to a diet, and she has never missed a step!




Similar to my older sister and I, my mom and I have not always seen eye to eye. We found our footing around the time I turned 21, and for that, I am forever grateful. We have a lot in common that I didn’t always realize. Some of it great and some of it not so great, but weirdly the not so great stuff bonds us in a way that only we understand. My dad is the person I get my personality from. My childhood was amazing, and I have many things that have shaped me into who I am today, but nothing more than my dad. He taught me the value of a dollar, the value of hard work, and the value of myself. My family and I found out that my dad is battling Melanoma. I would say that this is the biggest thing that has shaped me because it puts life into a whole new perspective. My passions are still the same, but now they mean even more to me because my dad has always supported them even when he may not have understood. I work hard for myself because I have dreamed since I was a little girl to build a business doing something I love, but also to do something meaningful that helps others. I  work hard for my dad and for my family because life is short and they believe in me. Even on my days when I am exhausted and ready to fall asleep at my computer, I keep typing because my support system is downstairs cheering me on.


Q: What would you like others to learn from your story?

A: If there is only one thing you gain from my story, then I hope you learn that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you work hard and keep a solid support system while doing it! Secondly, you can fall in love and have a family, but still be a feminist.



Photography by: Chanel Photography

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: This is my favorite question! I am a pretty hardcore feminist! I get so angry when people frown upon feminism or call women who identify themselves as a feminist, “man-haters.” I don’t hate men. I do not run around screaming that women are superior to men, and I certainly don’t demand things that I haven’t worked hard for and are well deserved. I define feminism as someone who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. We are equals. One is not superior to the other. I am a feminist because I believe that women are members of society that deserve a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard. We are strong, courageous, capable, and intelligent. Feminism is being independent and loving yourself for that. It is believing in yourself that you can do it all on your own and then doing it! Feminism is empowering and supporting other women.

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The Trap These Mega Brands Want You to Fall Victim to…Don’t Fall for it!

There is a new trap many shoppers are falling victim to. It’s cheap prices on apparel. Yes, that may seem like a good thing, but for many in recent years, that is not the case.

Mega brands (big name brand stores—both storefront and online) are selling you clothing at such low prices that you may think they are doing you a favor, when it is often a disservice to you.

Just like a fine wine, a good pizza, a comfortable pillow, a long-wearing lipstick, some things are worth paying a little extra. Clothing is no different.

Yes, that five dollar top may be quite tempting, and I have fallen victim to buying so many cheap-priced clothing items myself that I have lost count. But not anymore. You should not either. Here is why:


  1. It will not last very long. That $ 5 top you bought that shrunk after one wash, got a hole in it when it got stuck to your purse, the color faded, it stretched out, the stitching came undone, it felt uncomfortable….I could go on and on. Don’t let that $ 5 mislead you, you will soon be throwing it away—and wasting more money on another cute, yet cheap top that will also face the same fate.


  1. It is not good for the environment. Often these cheap clothes are made with harmful chemicals, dyes, and they are manufactured in an unnatural way that sends pollution into our air. Most clothes need dyes and some chemicals, but pricier options often are made with low-impact dyes and chemicals that are environmentally safe. Make a cleaner choice, and opt for more natural material—like cotton. It is healthier for the Earth, and healthier for you!


  1. You will spend more money in the long run. This goes back to number 1…You may think you are getting a great deal with cheap clothing, but you aren’t. Spend a little more to get that well-made $25 top made of 100% cotton, and it could last you several years or longer (and actually save you money).


  1. Support small businesses instead—Often many small businesses will not give you clothes at a super cheap price, because a variety of reasons. One reason being that they cannot compete with the big brand names. Another reason being that they might be made better or more ethically. Also ask yourself, do you want to live in a world where we can only shop at 5 stores, because that is all that is left (because the little guys couldn’t compete)? That would be pretty boring. So instead, support small businesses when you can.


The next time you purchase clothes, ask yourself, “Am I really getting a good deal? Or am I falling into the trap that big name brands want me to fall into?”


Every $1 you spend is towards the businesses of tomorrow.




Next month, My Lilianas will be selling quality, 100% cotton loungewear shorts with pockets for $18 on Kickstarter. It is our pleasure to offer healthy, quality, environmentally friendly loungewear at an affordable price to you soon.

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