Woman Wednesday: Amiee

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Q and A with Amiee, Lake County, Indiana  


“What I’ve learned in my journey is that life is a journey full of hills and valleys. I used to believe that I was a victim to life’s circumstances, but what I had to be awakened to is that I also had choices in the decisions I was making in my life.”


Q: What are you passionate about?

A: I am passionate about educating others on health and life. I am a certified health/life coach, a certified Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), and I have a B.A. in Psychology.  I help people who have suffered trauma, PTSD, and addictions create peace within their minds so that they can find it in their lives. I love sharing about how life can be seen through different lenses and perspectives when a person becomes aware of their own life choices that create the story of who they are being. Once people become awakened to this, they start to see where they can make new choices in life and more empowering decisions around their health, life, finances, relationships, career, and connect to something greater.




I found this passion when I was suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, and a binge eating disorder, 13 years ago.  I tried to heal through conventional treatments and therapies, and when these things didn’t work for me, I took matters into my own hands. I began studying the human body until I learned to heal myself through alternative therapies. Everything amplified for the best when I became a certified health/life coach and gained more tools and clarity on how to help people on a deeper level. I now work with clients in one-on-one and group settings. Currently, I’m waiting on my first story to be published in a collaborative book called, Victorious Women Overcoming Mediocrity In the book, I tell the story of my 3rd DUI and how I lost everything, only to find myself employed at a health food store that saved my life. This will be available for purchase in March 2019. I’m also involved in a public speaking competition called, “The Next Impactor,” which is to begin on March 15. The other contestants and I have amazing stories to share with the world and are here to be of service to others in sharing our experience, strength, and hope with the world. There’s still time to join, if anyone is interested!  Visit www.thenextimpactor.com for more details, and feel free to reach out to me! I’m so excited about this opportunity and we will see where the universe leads each of us with this!




Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I suffered from intense anxiety and fear around who I was from a young age. I didn’t feel connected to others. I was sexually abused as a child, and I know that played a lot into the feelings and thoughts I had growing up. I was told by my abuser to never tell or I wouldn’t be loved anymore and so, I shut down. I lost my voice and I suffered in silence for many years, leading me down a self-destructive path of alcoholism, drug addiction, and binge eating disorder. I also suffered greatly from shame, blame, anxiety, depression, digestive distress, and adrenal fatigue, just to name a few things because of that. Even though I suffered from those things, I was a very high functioning person. I did well in school, even though I didn’t think I did. I held jobs, I joined in on school functions and organizations. I believed I was able to hold myself together for years, until an ultimate downward spiral began in my mid-20’s that led to poor choices, including 3 DUI’s. However, without those hardships, I wouldn’t be able to help my clientele the way I am able to and share my story of experience, strength, and hope through written and spoken words for anyone who feels connected to my story. Looking back on my life, I wouldn’t change a single thing because, without my story, I wouldn’t be living my life’s purpose. What I’ve come to know is that my story isn’t about me, it’s about who I’m here to help. I am here to be of high service to others and by sharing my story, if I even help just one person break the chains of being a prisoner of their own mind and start their healing journey, I’ve served my purpose.






Q: What is something valuable you’ve learned that you’d like others to know?

A: What I’ve learned in my journey is that life is a journey full of hills and valleys. I used to believe that I was a victim to life’s circumstances, but what I had to be awakened to is that I also had choices in the decisions I was making in my life. Once I really understood that, life changed for the better for me. I realized that I had a story of hope that could be shared with others. I thought all of life was dark for so long, I’ve only shared a tiny little pinkie nail here of the experiences I have been through. I now know life is a precious gift full of beautiful characters, plot twists, and new beginnings.  I want people to know that if I can change my life and live the life of my dreams, anyone can, and I’m happy to show them how, if they choose that is what they want for their life too. If you’ve made it this far in the blog friends, you are a gift and you are powerful and you deserve to have the life of your dreams, in fact, it’s your birthright. I believe in you.


Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: To me, feminism means equality for females in all realms of life. I know in my life, as a female in her early 40’s, I have definitely felt less than or have been treated less than males who have done the same line of work as myself. I saw this in places of employment I worked at, whether the boss was male or female. I have come to the belief that these sorts of things have become ingrained as truth in certain generations and passed down through the family. Even now, as I work as my own boss, I still see men in my industry being followed more heavily than female counterparts. However, I do see the shift occurring, and women are now being seen and recognized more for their greatness, bravery, strength, resilience, and intelligence. I am starting to see women being held in high regard for who they are, their vulnerability, their authenticity, and it is so empowering!  In my opinion, this is the age of feminism, and it is an honor to be a witness to this. I am so excited to be a part of this movement.





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2 thoughts on “Woman Wednesday: Amiee

  1. What a revealing story of over coming. Yet only the tip of the iceberg or pinkie fingernail as Amiee says. I see Amiee’s Truth helping so many overcome their addictions and challenges. I too follow Amiee as she has been such an inspiration to me. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, Arlene! We completely agree with you! Amiee is helping others to overcome their own challenges. She has inspired us, too! We’re glad she shared her story with us and that she’s inspired others to share their own story as well.


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