Woman Wednesday: Misty

Q and A with Misty from Washington State, USA

“I found that giving myself permission to shift as often as I need has been helpful beyond measure.”

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: Hi! My name is Misty. I live in the eastern part of Washington State with my husband, Paul, and our two kids. I love being outdoors in warm weather, exploring and camping, spending time with family, and learning. My husband says I’m more of a professional student. I love to learn all about the human body, history, and fun facts. I have been a registered nurse for 10 years, a licensed massage therapist for 8 years, I taught a nursing assistant-certified program to high school juniors and seniors at a technical skills center for 4.5 years, and I’ve also completed multiple yoga + mindfulness teacher trainings. Currently, I am self-employed in a brick-and-mortar wellness clinic. I offer massage therapy, red light therapy, an infrared sauna, whole-body vibration sessions, wellness coaching, and more. I love teaching and helping people better care for their whole selves instead of parts of themselves. I believe we have to look at the whole picture of a person when they are in a state of dis-ease and not just the part of their body that is alarming. I am finding so much joy in the coaching world that I am taking my coaching virtually and have been working to establish myself for several months now.

Several years ago, I was in a fatality car accident with a drunk driver, and several of my family members and I were lucky enough to be able to walk away with little physical damage. During my healing journey, which included mental health therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care, I found yoga and meditation by happenstance. What I learned in the studio sessions blew my mind and I wanted to know more—my body began to feel alive again. I joined a yoga teacher training course and just before completing my hours, COVID-19 started.

Although I finished the hours sometime later, I opted to learn additional styles of yoga and meditation virtually because I craved more knowledge. Through these programs, I learned even more about just how connected the systems of the body are. After I was able to reopen my business after the initial shutdown during COVID, I saw how important this work would be for so many that I would be coming in contact with. At this time, I felt like I needed more of a coaching foundation so took the course work through the International Nurse Coach Association (INCA). Blending all these aspects of nursing, coaching, yoga, mindset, and massage has been pivotal in my business and has brought a new passion to the style of coaching and education I offer. I am currently working on monthly masterclasses and meditations in my Facebook community, releasing several recorded meditations through my coursework platform, and a couple small group sessions focusing on specific topics. The first small group that was released this month is called The Nourished Soul, where I teach techniques on how to calm the nervous system, begin to gently move the body with yoga, introduce students to guided journaling and meditations, and how to breathe during stressful situations. More small groups are in the works!

Q: What were your younger years like?

A:   I still live in the same town in which I was raised. Growing up my family was tight-knit—holidays, camping trips, going to each other’s sports games or tournaments. I loved playing volleyball, and I enjoyed the team experience. I loved the thought of being a teacher; I had some great influential teachers. I planned on going to college to get my master’s in education but that didn’t happen. My now husband and I found out we were expecting a boy. Our son was stillborn and revived, airlifted to a neonatal intensive care unit, and I was exposed to several career options in healthcare during this time. A year after bringing him home I returned to school to obtain my nursing degree. Throughout my years as a nurse, I was able to pivot into different areas, including occupational health, education, and holistic wellness to fit not only the needs of my growing family but my interests and passions as well. As life progressed, I learned I needed more tools in my toolbox and gained additional education with the support of my family. Between my childhood experiences, my early adult years, and to current I learned to always strive for the best, have fun along the way, and look for ways I can improve how I help others.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: You can always pivot (or start over). With anything: Career change. Meal plan. Mindset. Educational experience. Whatever you are needing in your life. I found that giving myself permission to shift as often as I need has been helpful beyond measure and I hope that you find that to be true too as you employ it in your daily living.

Q: What does feminism mean to you?
To me, feminism is a state of being, soulful, and optimally using our strengths to lift each other up for the greater good.

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