Woman Wednesday: Dawna

Q and A with Dawna from La Grande, Oregon, USA 

“You will thank yourself in the future for being courageous now.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I love helping those around me reach their goals and building up their confidence through quality portraiture and marketing photography. Through the years, I have watched families, businesses, and individuals grow, and this always brings a smile to my face. I’ve met various people from all walks of life; some have even become my personal friends. I have a wide variety of interests, including nature, cooking, and soap-making with my daughter. Aspects of the financial and budgeting world also intrigue me. I am currently aspiring to couple my passion for finances with my current business. 

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: Early in my childhood, I lived in Seattle, WA, before moving to the mountains of Eastern Oregon. I was raised with a strong work ethic and the attitude of “If someone else can do it, I can too.” My need to learn the newest thing or take on the next adventure never let me sit still for long. My friends and I spent countless hours climbing the hillsides where I grew up and laughing until we couldn’t breathe; it is no surprise that I am still close with them in my 30s. I was involved in many sports and clubs, in which we learned to lift others up, not put them down. Growing up in Girl Scouts, I learned the basics of business and sales at a young age. My teenage years were filled with art classes and 4-H, which are still important aspects of who I am today.  

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: Making mistakes is part of life, but learning from them can make us unstoppable. There is no need to worry about your past or your upbringing; whenever you want, you can become a better version of yourself. Discomfort has been one barrier that I am grateful to have crossed. I promise it will pay off to abandon your comfort zone, face your fears of the unknown, and allow yourself to feel vulnerable in order to grow. You will thank yourself in the future for being courageous now. Always allow yourself to be the best possible version of yourself and don’t compromise your integrity to someone else’s opinion of you. We are all meant to shine bright. If someone else can do it, why not you? 

Q: What does feminism mean to you?
As women, we have the freedom to take advantage of opportunities, knowing we are equally capable. Just as with anyone else, this includes the risk of falling flat on our faces, but it also includes the strength to get back up again. It’s a beautiful thing to be in control of our choices and aware of our own personal strengths. The principles of feminism should encompass every aspect of life and empower us to help other women around us succeed.

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