Woman Wednesday: Lisa K.

Q and A with Lisa K. from Vail, Arizona

“Start manifesting and DOING what you love.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I am most passionate about creativity. My life is defined by creating, making, and living my best life with intentionality. Over the past two years, while developing my Color Affirmation Program, I led a weekly meeting and podcast, the Global Art Café, where people from all over the world gathered over Zoom. I hosted artists, authors, and entrepreneurs and enjoyed many wonderful conversations. It provided a safe space for conversations and connection. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, creativity, and information in the arts. I believe by sharing our creative souls, we can find the healing we may not even know we need. I am currently taking a break from the Global Art Café as we get settled here in Arizona.

A photo from Colossal Cave Mountain. I am calling this my “EPIC” series of photos; I’m embracing the joy in manifesting my dreams!

I am currently working on my latest and biggest vision! All my past experiences in love, life, and work have brought me to where I am today. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and is the truest partner one could have. I am excited to be building this place that incorporates both of our skills and allows us to pursue our dreams and cultivate our creative pursuits. Our big vision is to provide a place for people to come and find rest.  We are building a Wellness Center with a Healing Arts focus. The name is still under discussion! We are just getting started! I recently shared this on a Facebook post:

A place to recharge their souls with peaceful vistas.

A place to walk the labyrinth to release daily stresses.

A place to meditate in nature.

A place to listen to that still small voice inside.

A place to find yourself again.

A place to ignite your inner passions.

A place to stimulate your creative senses.







COME, renew your true self under the shadows of Mica Mountain.

Find rest in the morning’s cool breezes here in Vail, Arizona.

The Labyrinth at our Dailey Ranch Retreat Center for Healing Arts and Wellness, official name to be announced. We are located in Old Vail, an unincorporated town of Tucson, Arizona.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I grew up in what I think is considered a traditional American family with a mother and father with one sibling. We lived in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, and we had two cars and a cat. I was able to pursue my passions of playing cello and piano through private lessons. I played in a youth orchestra for many years which helped me grow as a musician and person. I eventually attended a private liberal college with multiple scholarships.

Leaves of Grass, pen and ink, 2020

Growing up, I was most impacted by the elderly neighbors who became my mentors as a young woman. To this day, they bring back my fondest memories of sharing ice cream or getting soda while listening to their stories. One neighbor, in particular, was the one who funded my private orchestra experience, paid for my first car, and shared stories of her youth and the importance of knowing how to read the stock market and much more. She was a constant supporter of my dreams and talents. I lived a block from my grandparents and spent lots of time with them too. From sleepovers to learning to sew, can fruit and vegetables, trips to the cabin, the county fair, and much more, they were a big part of my life!

My mom and dad were my biggest supporters, and I lacked for nothing. My first job was as a newspaper carrier for the Star Tribune. I started delivering them in the afternoons and over time had two routes that I delivered every weekend from the time I was 16 through graduating high school. My dad would go with me and I learned to drive a car during this time. We delivered when it flooded, we delivered when it was icy and when there were blizzards. I sprained my ankle falling down a steep set of stone stairs, I permanently damaged a front tooth collecting payment for the paper from customers, when I flew over the front of my bicycle…. and many times in winter, I walked the route with my eyes frozen shut because of the frost on my eyelashes.

We vacationed at the neighbor’s cabin on the shores of Lake Superior and also up in Park Rapids at a little cabin on 6th Crowing. Nature and time outside were a significant influence on my life. My dad taught me to fish and showed me how to take pictures. Later, we set up a dark room in our basement where I learned how to develop photographs. I also had my own workbench in his wood shop where I got to play around and build things. This definitely influenced my creative side. My mom taught me how to bake and cook and while out on walks, would point out all the details, kinds of leaves, trees, and flowers. I feel like I have the best of both of them in me.

Faith and music were really the backbones of our life. Spirituality often comes up in conversations. I do identify as a Christian and whether it is obvious or not, my motivation and foundation come from that belief system. I am open to discussion about it and often am in conversation with others about their faith walk. I aim to serve and be a light to those seeking peace and comfort in this world. We always had music, whether it was piano, cello, orchestra, or church choir. At college, I attended chapel daily and studied religion. I sang at a Billy Graham Crusade and have played cello for church events and on worship teams over the years. I’ve led bible studies, and women’s groups and even organized women’s retreats. It’s a big part of my story. All these things contribute to where I am now, building a Wellness Center with a Healing Arts focus with my husband.

Watercolor as the new year approached (2022) A stone cairn reminding me of what is ahead…ME. CREATE. US. RENEW. LET IT FLOW. It all starts with me and a reminder to let my dreams flow! I will find renewal along the way.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: Start manifesting and DOING what you love. The rest will follow. Believe in yourself. Do what it takes and never give up on your dreams.

Inspirational watercolor: It’s okay to be selfish. “Be selfish….Take the time you need to discover who you truly are.”

Q: What does feminism mean to you?
To me, I have always seen feminism as a movement to gain equality for women in a world that has been predominately male-driven. I tend to steer away from political and highly charged religious discussions, but there are times I choose to use my art to create statements on feminism and political topics. I believe that women deserve to have the same opportunities as any other gender. I do believe that a woman should be allowed to make and take whatever actions she needs regarding her well-being without any discrimination or laws impeding her progress.

A Wellness Coloring book I created that is now available on my website along with a coloring book featuring my pen and ink drawings.

I think being a “Minnesota girl” has wired me to be more private about these views. That does not necessarily mean I don’t have opinions. I welcome one-on-one discussions or in-private forums where people are willing to be open-minded about a variety of topics.

MORE ABOUT LISA: I am originally from Anoka, Minnesota, USA.  I grew up there and graduated from Anoka High School. I went to Augsburg College in Minnesota and graduated with a BA in art studio, German, and was a performance major, studying cello. I also spent a semester abroad at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany. I recently moved to Tucson, Arizona, with my husband. We have three adult children; two live in Minnesota and one lives in Wisconsin. We have one cat, Ted, who made the cross-country move with us.

Thank you for reading!

My current website: www.lisakindle.com


*UPDATES* I will be offering color sessions, color coaching, and certification and releasing TWO new color affirmation decks at more accessible pricing, including one that will be just for kids!

*Announcements about our creative wellness/healing arts center will be coming soon, like the name and website!

  • 40 foot labyrinth
  • 2 private guest rooms
  • Shared full bath
  • Private art gallery featuring artists from US and Abroad
  • Color gardens, serenity path
  • Open spaces for yoga, tai chi, and meditation
  • Personal and group retreats
  • Art classes
  • Wellness retreats
  • Color path sessions
  • Private coaching

MY BIG PASSION, and dare I say the core of what will be my lifework. Over the past couple years, I have been developing my signature program, the Color Affirmation Program. I have created a healing arts coaching program that includes private Color Path Sessions, an online course, and an online certification course for licensed practitioners and professionals. I also offer private sessions to learn about your life path color and how you can transform your life.

The “I Am Colorfully Made” Deck is a 72-card daily inspirational deck that fuses art, color psychology, and numerology with original art and affirmations. Enjoy Kindle’s bright and colorful mixed media pieces along with daily affirmations to inspire positive action in your life. Promote inner well-being while reflecting on what it is you truly want for yourself. Kindle believes you can truly “empower yourself with color!”

I am currently creating two new decks that I will be releasing. One will be a special “kids” edition!

I have received testimonials from practitioners and other users about its impact on their lives.

A mindfulness coach from New York, USA says, “I love Lisa’s deck! It gives me simple directions for the day. The focus on color helps me connect to other aspects of my being. It helps me to live a vibrant, colorful life! –Raditia, Mindful Being LLC

A creativity coach from the UK says, “Lisa’s card deck is inspiring and exciting. I did a deck with my 6-year-old daughter and we spent a lovely time together talking about colors, and how it makes her feel. She designed the cards on her own while I found affirmations for her. Lisa’s material is clear and concise and is a great blueprint to create your own cards and feel inspired. I highly recommend buying this for you or a loved one.” –AJ, UK

A sampling of the affirmation cards found in my art & affirmation deck,
“I Am Colorfully Made.”
I will be releasing my second deck, the “Color Affirmation Deck” soon
and a third deck based on this program especially for kids!