Woman Wednesday: Stephanie

Q and A with Stephanie, Western Australia

“Therapy and counseling and talking about our issues can be helpful when we just want to be heard and have someone to listen to us, and sometimes, it can be all we need.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I love camping and spending time with my French bulldog and my wonderful husband. My passion is emotional intelligence and helping women become confident and happy, while inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves. I was in a dark place mentally for quite a few years with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, not feeling good enough, dealing with chronic pain, and I couldn’t find my way out. I felt trapped. I discovered a female-specific approach that lead me out of the dark and then inspired me to help other women do the same.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: When I was young, my parents got divorced and we moved to a new town. when I started this new school in year three, I quickly realized that society had a perception of me and people had judgment. The kids wanted me to be a certain way to fit in and have friends. All of my differences were pointed out as bad. I had abandonment issues, so fitting in and having friends was really important to me. I got bullied quite a lot, especially by boys. I started realizing I didn’t fit in and that me being me wasn’t good enough. So, from that point on, I started living the way I thought other people wanted me to. I was saying and doing everything in each different situation around each different person the way I thought that they expected me to be. I was such a big people pleaser and I put huge expectations on myself to be a certain way every moment of my life.

I had low self-worth and self-value, and I cared so much about what other people thought. I put so much pressure on myself with work and was not treated well in the workplace I was in. I had workplace bullying and was also taking on more than my fair share. I developed chronic pain for a few years around this time, which made me realize how stressed I was, how much anxiety I had, and how depressed I felt. I thought this was all because of my pain, but it let me try and seek to help myself out of it. Over the next few years, I tried basically every modality and approach out there that I could find to help me physically and mentally. I ended up losing hope every time I would find a new person that said that they could help and yet, failed me. I felt hopeless and started to think that there was no hope for me to get better.

When I stop looking, I stumbled across Creatrix. It’s made specifically for women to resolve the mental baggage, chronic emotions, negative chatter, and negative beliefs we have about ourselves. In one month, I went from an anxious, overwhelmed young woman who had no hope and felt trapped to a confident, happy, and free, excited woman. I was finally free! I thought it was impossible to completely transform how I felt about myself. Four years later, and my life has continued to improve. I am so happy to now be able to help other women, too.

I always had pain growing up, unexplained stomach pain. I was in and out of the hospital with headaches, migraines, and earaches. When I was working in worker’s compensation, managing workplace injuries, I started to develop neck pain. I saw a chiro and afterward, I knew something was wrong. That night, I had excruciating pain down my upper spine. That pain took weeks to slowly dull, but my neck pain never went away. I had never experienced what it was like to live with pain 24/7. It chipped away at my positive outlook, my confidence, and my sense of control. I felt overwhelmed as it was so exhausting having pain, physically and mentally. I just couldn’t cope and was losing sleep and stuck in a downward spiral. A psychologist told me I would have to quit my job, and I had so much social anxiety. I was looking into training a puppy as an assistance animal because I didn’t feel safe when I left my house. Chronic pain for me highlighted the areas of my emotions that needed healing. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it pushed me to heal myself and what was going on under the surface.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: That you are amazing, powerful, and capable. You are stronger than you know. You are incredible, and you have the ability inside you to be anything you want to be. The main thing I learned was that women are different. The female factor is missing from society in general; however, we know we’re different. Through my training, I have learned that the majority of approaches out were made for the way a male mind thinks and works. And they work really well for men; however, four out of five women will find that they need ongoing help or they continue to come back for the same issue later on. This is because there are so many differences in the way we are made up, so we need something that works for the way our minds work for complete, irreversible change that actually lasts.

Therapy and counseling and talking about our issues can be helpful when we just want to be heard and have someone to listen to us, and sometimes, it can be all we need. But then comes times when we’re not healing and we’re not resolving the issues by talking about them, and it is actually anchoring us in the negative current emotions, which makes it so much harder for us to actually resolve and move through it. The process I use with women does not go back into your story; you don’t have to relive all of the negative things and talk about them over and over again. You finally just get to move past it all and leave it behind where it belongs, detaching from the negative emotions.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: Feminism, to me, just means being in your power. Truly, purely, being you. Embracing all that you are and being proud of it. Men have a great place in society; they have so many strengths and so do we. Being able to acknowledge the love and appreciate everyone for everything they bring is the most important thing to me.




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