Woman Wednesday: Judy

Q and A with Judy from the UK, now living around the world

“My motto about life is: A fun-filled life is a full-filled (fulfilled) life.”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I am deeply passionate about living an ICONIC LIFE: A life of joy, bliss, and happiness. If I am not having fun, I question how I am leading myself in life. It is my understanding that when we lead, the universe follows with what we lead and I am always mindful of that. As living a life where I am the hurricane in my life is very important to me–rather than being a leaf in the wind of life–just allowing life to happen to me! I have come to learn that how we are and WHO we are in living our life is what determines the extent to which we manifest and materialize our dreams. I know for sure that every single one of us is born with brilliance and deserves to live a life of prosperity and abundance. What stops us–are the illusions of the world we live in; I call it the 3rd dimension paradigm where we have (as Einstein said) promoted the ego to that of a master and forgotten the sacred gift of intuition.

Beyond living an ICONIC LIFE, which for me is travel, I have lived in four countries over the past two years, scuba diving and flying and generally having fun with my lover, hubby, soulmate, and business partner for 22 years. I LOVE my work. My work is my passion. It is me. It is what I do and is what I study, including my Ph.D. which is in the final stages of editing! I dedicate my life to being empowered and empowering others–this is my number one value and my vocation. And it comes from being overpowered for so many years as a child–and what I have learned is that our voids (or the voids we experience through our perceptions) growing up become our values as adults, and we spend our lives in pursuit of fulfilling them–that will give us a rewarding and fulfilled life. The expression of our number one value is our purpose and when we can thoroughly live that every day. We live with inspiration and excitement. I am currently (as I said earlier) in the final stages of my Ph.D., which is the culmination of almost 25 years of study and research, based on my body of work–The Trilogy of Transformation. A life transformational process that alchemizes everything to love–all challenges and experiences. I do this on two levels…in the body and mind and also on a more profound, deeper level through activating our soul and living our life guided by the wisdom of our soul. As I say, we are all the individualized physical manifestation of the Universe, we are it all…and nothing is missing; we have access to all the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe through our soul. The perception that something is missing in our life is the source of all human suffering.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I was locked up and tortured, used as a slave, and abused from the age of three until I escaped in my early 20s. I was uneducated, unsocialized, and lived in extreme poverty, even resorting to eating tin dog food a few times. At the age of 15, I had the first of a number of extraordinary ‘transcendent’ experiences that gave me insight into the extraordinariness of who we are. That we are so much more than our mortal bodies and can access the universal intelligence of infinite knowledge and potentiality. That experience changed the course of my life–as I saw that I would escape. There was no doubt about that, and I saw the infinite ways my life could unfold. I locked into one that I saw that was one of adventure, love, and prosperity. I spent the next six years (until I escaped) preparing myself for my life when I was free.

I tuned into my soul and my individualized oneness with the Universe every day, I was fortunate to be given the books I asked for (these were the days before the internet and YouTube!) When I escaped, I found my way to London, alone, with nothing, on a Friday evening. Within a week I had a high-paying job as a trading accountant on an oil and gas trading floor, even though I had no schooling, nothing. Purely from the wisdom I gained tapping into the energy of the quantum field; pure potentiality and magic will always happen there. I went on to create a life that was totally unpredictable given my background. I have launched and sold many businesses, in many sectors and in many countries. I have represented South Africa in world championship scuba diving, I was a national swimming champion, a water skiing champion, and I played violin in an orchestra. And for me, the best was that I found true love with my husband, where today after 22 years, we are still madly, crazily in love. And we have fun every day, which is why I dedicate my life to empowering and facilitating others to release their suffering so they too can live the most extraordinary lives, to the fullest extent of their potential in all areas of life–living their own unique ICONIC LIFE. We are all born with everything we need to live our ICONIC LIFE. We just forget it as we are conditioned into the 3rd dimension paradigm growing up, and all I do is facilitate the re-awakening of that.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: We are so much more than mortal beings. We are immortal souls having a human experience. When we tap into our power, there is literally nothing we can not be, do have, and create in our life. The more we live in the wonder and curiosity, trusting that nothing is missing and that all is within us, the higher the energetic frequency we are dwelling in. That on its own changes, the experience of life we have and changes the feedback we get from the universe. We notice that we co-create with ease and flow and we materialize what we desire pretty effortlessly. Life becomes fun–all of the time. My motto about life is: A fun-filled life is a full-filled (fulfilled) life. We are sadly conditioned to suffer (in this 3rd-dimensional paradigm), but that is an illusion–we are not here to suffer but to be fully expressed physical manifestations of our souls. Heaven is a place on earth it is not some otherworldly place we go to after we pass. It is available to us here, right now. EVERYTHING CHANGES WHEN YOU LIVE IN YOUR BLISS. You are empowered. You are abundant. You co-create magic and miracles with the universe. You overflow with the most extraordinary levels of love, compassion, empathy, and gratitude that you impact the lives of those around you, and you exemplify what is possible for humanity.

Q: What does feminism mean to you?
Being in your sovereign feminine power and living from that energetic space in abundance and prosperity.

MORE FROM JUDY: There is no mortal challenge anyone of us can not overcome and thrive from. Everything is love. And any separation from that is the source of all suffering. There is no challenge that can not be transmuted to love. I have done it. I have love, compassion, empathy, gratitude, and appreciation for everything in my life. It is the greatest gift from the Universe when you find that peace. And there is no greater journey than that. As that is the journey that gives us the FREEDOM we crave and as a result, we create ICONIC LIFES for ourselves.

Born in the UK, I lived my childhood in Ireland, spent most of my adult life in South Africa, and now I travel the world. In the past two years, I have lived in London, Italy, Barbados, and now Mexico. My motto is–the planet is my home, and every country a room in my home.

Thank you for reading!

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