Woman Wednesday: Sheryll

Q and A with Sheryll, Ocala, FL

“If you don’t do it, who will?”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: I am passionate about helping others in any capacity that I can. I have mentored many young nurses as they entered nursing and still keep up with many today. I love arts and crafts and creating new things. I’m currently working hard on my baby, I mean business, Butters by Shey. When I’m not doing that, I’m a busy nurse that has learned to maneuver health care by helping my patients become advocates for their care.

I’m a registered nurse with over 22 years of experience in acute care, specializing in cardiac care. I’m the proud aunt to many, and I enjoy road trips, staycations, and unwinding with a nice book. I have my master’s degree in health care informatics. I love to mentor others, and my goal is to complete my second master’s degree in nursing education.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: My younger years were interesting. I am one of five children, and I am an avid reader, Tomboy, counselor, healer, and tool aficionado. My parents were pivotal in my growth; my mom, a school teacher, made sure library trips were often and especially on holiday breaks. My dad was an electrical engineer, so my love for tools was from helping him in his workshop and curiously trying different ones out. I’m super proud of the drill and chainsaw. [She laughs.] As a child, I was part of pathfinders, which is a group similar to Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. This group lead to my love for crafts, but not so much the outdoors because of my fear for critters.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: My dad often told us: When you encounter someone, say good morning from the janitor to the CEO.  No one person is above another. If something needs to be done, do it. If you don’t do it, who will? I would like others to know that we each have a part to play whether it is an encourager, a teacher, a cook, a janitor, or a homemaker. No job is independent of another; we need each other, so no matter what is happening, it is always nothing to give a kind word or a smile. Mask or no mask, another knows when you are smiling.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: Feminism means to me owning your power, using your voice for changing one person at a time. It means being strong and soft at the same time. Holding a hand, giving advice, adjusting a crown or two, yet still being able to navigate spaces and places that women often take the backseat. Feminism is a symbiotic relationship that empowers one to give and also receive.

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