Woman Wednesday: Brittany

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Q and A with Brittany, Mercer County, New Jersey 


“Life is short, and you should do anything and everything you want to/love. Whether you are miserable at your job, doing things that don’t serve you, or you want to do things that seem out of reach, whatever that is…work toward your goals, do the things you love, and don’t stop loving your life.”



Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: My passion is practicing yoga and bringing it to others. I came to yoga after being interested in it for a long time and never having the time to pursue it. For a long time my sole focus was on school, and then college and then finding a 9-5 job. I started to feel like I was losing myself and didn’t have any hobbies or things just for me. I eventually became so miserable with the lifestyle I was living, left my job and threw myself into all of my interests, yoga being one of them.

After continuously practicing yoga for a couple of months, I felt like a new person and realized just how much I was neglecting myself.  I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and graduated this past June. My new focus is bringing yoga to others. I truly believe there is something in it for everyone- whether it’s the exercise through holding poses, learning how to breath, or the spiritual aspects to it. I think the general skills you learn in a yoga class can help any individual be more present and mindful in every day life. I’m working on brainstorming how exactly I want to do this while teaching/subbing occasionally at the studio I trained at!




Q: What were your younger years like?

A: In my younger years, my mom got me involved in lots of extra-curricular activities. At the time I hated it and always felt busy.  Later in life, when I was looking for a hobby for myself, I appreciated that I had some exposure to different things to try out. One of my favorites was gymnastics, and I believe my childhood love for this is what drew me to yoga and made me start this path toward a career in yoga! I also used to play the piano and guitar, was very artistic and liked to paint/draw. Exploring different extra-circular activities led me to finding my passion.




Q: What is something valuable you’ve learned that you’d like others to know?

A: Life is short, and you should do anything and everything you want to/love. Whether you are miserable at your job, doing things that don’t serve you, or you want to do things that seem out of reach, whatever that is…work toward your goals, do the things you love and don’t stop loving your life. This realization smacked me right in the face when I left my job that I only have one life and I realized how I was getting caught up in all the wrong things, trying to live in this box that society teaches you to live in, and I wasn’t truly enjoying life. Smile, be happy, travel (if that’s your thing), love, do, create! Just find whatever it is you love to do and do it, and get rid of/leave behind anything that does not serve you. Listen to your heart and not other’s people’s opinions if they bring you down.




Q: What would you like others to learn from your story?

A: I would like others to know that you can start over at any time. The things you want are within reach if you visualize and work toward them. Be patient and work in baby steps.




Q: What does feminism mean to you?

A: Feminism is important to me. I think a lot of people can take feminism as a negative thing, but I see it as being proud of being a woman, or (if you are not a woman) recognizing all of the positive and beautiful things that women bring to the table.




Q: Why should more women take roles in business?

A: It has taken a few decades, but there are more and more women in business now than ever before! We are equal inhabitants of this Earth and should be involved in all of the things we’ve created as a society.


You can reach Brittany via email at: Brittthatcher314@gmail.com   or  on her instagram @BlissfullyBritt_. She is trained in Aerial Yoga and floor yoga and is available for one-on-one sessions or group sessions! Feel free to contact her about questions, inquiries, or to just say hello! 🙂

Professional photos: Credit to Dennis Pike Photography




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