Woman Wednesday: Aja

Q and A with Aja from St. Louis, Missouri, living in Lake Mary, Florida

“We get to choose who we want to be, but that doesn’t happen without first taking some responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.”

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I’m passionate about teaching women the tools and practices for navigating any challenge they come up against while on their journey to curating any outcome they want. In the Dream Catchers Lab, my monthly life coaching membership community, my students learn how to identify the current self-concept they are using to make decisions and take action, so they can shift that identity into one that gets them results. I absolutely love this work and believe self-concept work is the most important tool for any woman to become masterful at using because they can truly create anything they want when they do.

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: Growing up, I was the weirdo. Now, it’s a badge I wear proudly, but when you’re at an age where you’re learning who you are and want to be, not being like “the other kids” isn’t so great. The problem was that I actually really liked myself. [She laughs.] So, I kept on being weird. I never vibed with the ways I was told to live and be in the world. You see, I love change. I used to change up everything-my hair, my style, my room, my interests, my food, and as an adult, I changed husbands, and my favorite change of all besides my self-concept is changing homes. Change is my superpower, and when I learned about Human Design and being a Manifesting Generator, my love for change made complete sense. One of my focuses has been on MIM’s Multi-Passionate, Introverted, and/or Manifesting Generator women because our place in the world is singed with what normalcy is supposed to look like for us in life and business! We’ve been taught that change isn’t okay and if you want to get ahead (especially in business) your business has to look a certain way. I’m here to show MIMs there’s a different way. Our way! Our rules! There’s nothing wrong with us. I’m here to let them know that their perceived flaws are their formula for freedom and fulfillment for going from dream chaser to dream catcher.

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: My number one mantra that I come back to, day in and day out, is “It’s not who you believe you are that holds you back; It’s who you believe you’re not!” This is a truth that I’ve had to lean into and confront myself with radical honesty, seeing who I was choosing to be in the moments of decision and creating my results. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that we get to choose who we want to be, but that doesn’t happen without first taking some responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. We are who we say we are, but there is work to be done to get to that level of awareness, self-trust, and the embodiment of who you truly are at your core, being able to shine out loud as that which is innately in you. When we are taking action and making decisions, it’s vital that we pay attention to who we’re being; the belief of who we are is what dictates our outcomes.

Q: What does feminism mean to you?
For me, feminism is a “coming home.” It is a releasing of all that I’ve pushed down, accepted as truth around who I’m supposed to be and show up as in the world, and instead be home in my own core values, fully expressed in how I live and how I will be. It’s welcoming and it’s a soft landing that nurtures my growth.

MORE FROM AJA: Reinventing yourself, or as I like to call it, Self Concept And Identity Work, is vital for all women to accomplish that next goal and then the next. As long as we are human, we will desire, and that brings challenges that require us to uplevel and become a match for those new desires. This is the work we do in the Dream Catchers Lab.
Learn more or join us at https://dreamcatcherslab.com

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I spent most of my adult life in Atlanta, Georgia, and now, I call Lake Mary, Florida, my home (for now!)

Thank you for reading!


One thought on “Woman Wednesday: Aja

  1. You are amazing rediscovering yourself. It is true it takes time to discover our away in this world .
    There is no set rule for happiness.


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