Pockets & Comfort: Utility: The New Fashion Trend

What’s the next biggest fashion trend for women you may ask? 

Three words:

Pockets. Comfort. Utility. 

The real question is: Why has it taken so long for women’s clothes to be designed the way men’s clothing have been for decades (for comfort and utility)? 

Women have finally had enough and are now rebelling against large manufacturers for pockets, comfortable clothing, and utility (real, deep pockets, zippers that actually work, and real buttons- not just the decorative garbage on a lot of women’s clothing).

Women want clothing that has deep pockets, made of light/airy material–like 100% cotton, comfortable loungewear, and clothing that incorporates all of these elements, but that they can still feel fashionable in.

Where can you get all of this all in one place? 

My Lilianas is offering women 100% cotton shorts with deep pockets and fashionable patterns online soon! It is a small business that will be launching online this August, first on Kickstarter, then again–an online storefront via Shopify at www.mylilianas.com.

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