Woman Wednesday: Jennifer R.

Q and A with Jennifer R., Perth, Australia, born in Munich, Germany

“Your mess becomes your message and will actually gift you that deeper meaning and purpose you’ve been searching for!”

Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: My whole life, I have been passionate about finding an answer to: What makes our life truly beautiful? How can I have the most fun and enjoy myself? It wasn’t until later as I matured that I added: While contributing in a meaningful way and leaving behind a legacy I feel proud of? And the desire to want to live a beautiful life in every aspect has taken me for the most incredible journey! 

Today, in my work, I am most passionate about raising the feminine energy…the energy of love, passion, joy, and compassion. To support women to know, love, and trust themselves more so that they can speak with authenticity, passion, and power about what matters to them most! That we can heal ourselves and build bridges in our relationships…be it romantic, family, friends, business, or our communities. It’s communication, creativity, and relationships I’m really the most passionate about…they are the key to everything we want!

Q: What were your younger years like?

A: It’s a surreal experience to belong to a culture and history where half of me tried to eliminate the other half and understanding that I would have been sent off to a concentration camp because of what religion and “bloodline” my Nan belonged to, had I only lived a few years earlier. So, I grew up with that knowledge, yet experiencing a life that was the complete opposite. My family isn’t perfect (I mean whose is?!), but there’s nothing I am more grateful for, as I was blessed with a home and family full of love, laughter, and where we always took care of one another and stuck together. 

So, although I didn’t grow up religious and I didn’t come across my “spiritual” path much later in life, looking back, I realize that the foundation of my faith as I would call it today, was set long before I ever had the words to describe it. I am not blind to the most horrific acts of hate humans can do to one another…but I also know that beneath it all, love is the only truth, and that when we are open and willing to forgive, beauty and love is the creative force that has no match. I have also always been passionate about traveling and meeting new people, as we always traveled from the day I was born, as our families were spread across so many countries. 

I believe that openness and feeling of love and security within my home gave me the foundation for my passionate, creative nature and desire to connect with people from all backgrounds and walks of life! I love people, and it’s connecting with people and from my relationships that I have learned the most! I left home very young to live in the UK and later traveled to South East Asia by myself and then ended up in Australia where I built my first seven-figure business and have been allowed to call home for almost 10 years now. As I looked back on all the decisions I made and how I ended up where I am, I realized that I have followed my passions and intuition, even when it didn’t make that much sense or I didn’t know exactly where it would take me. The times I have struggled and suffered the most have been times where I have let my fears rule and lost that intuitive nature within myself. 

Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: The most valuable lesson I could share with anyone is to truly trust that life, the universe, God…whatever term sits well with you, really has your back! We all have a unique path in our life. You are unique and gifted and there are things you can do that no one else can or will. I was blessed to be very successful in business and financially when I was only 26 years old. Equally, the more successful I became, the more insecure and fearful I became. Before I was 30, I ventured into some of the darkest places I have been, feeling so disconnected from myself and absolutely miserable. I felt so guilty and helpless, even though on the outside [it appeared] I had it all…yet, on the inside, I felt so lost and sad. But that really became the turning point in my life where I realized: The key to a beautiful life, full of purpose and meaning…can only be found within!

So, I reconnected back to my intuition, that really has guided me all my life and dedicated myself to make myself feel beautiful and powerful from within! To have the confidence to speak about the things I really want to say and do the things I truly want to do, no longer being a prisoner to my own insecurities. And the irony of it all is that today, the foundation of my beautiful life rests on those dark and challenging times. All the bad hands I thought I had been dealt were really blessings in disguise, so my greatest piece of wisdom I can share with anyone is: You are YOU for a reason!
There is nothing more important than knowing, loving, and trusting yourself! Have the courage to follow your passions and dreams as your beauty is your power! The difficult and challenging times aren’t always what they seem, as your mess becomes your message and will actually gift you that deeper meaning and purpose you’ve been searching for!

Q: What does feminism mean to you? 

A: I have made it my creative work and business to raise feminine energy in the world and create spaces where women can reconnect to themselves to feel more beautiful and powerful and have the confidence to speak and express their truth…yet…I would no call myself a feminist. Like so many words, it’s so heavily loaded with connotations and means so many things to so many different people, that I prefer not to restrict myself by being put in a box. One of the main tools I use and teach is the seven feminine archetypes and the reason I love it so much as it helps us see how what is right for one woman is not right for the other. That doesn’t make one right the other wrong, they simply have different dominant archetypes and different paths to walk.

For me personally, feminism is about raising awareness of the feminine energy, to recover the feminine wisdom that has been lost in thousands of years in patriarchal rule and for us women to feel beautiful, powerful, and confident to express our truth once again. It is about understanding and honoring the masculine energy as our counterbalancing part, so we can evolve into having relationships in all shapes and forms that allow us to move forward as a human species. For me, feminism is about forgiveness and building bridges, not looking to attack and seek revenge. For me, feminism is truly an inward journey, where the outward world is simply offering us opportunities to reflect back to us how far we’ve come and what more still can be done.

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