Woman Wednesday: Camila

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Q and A with Camila, Uruguay–>Montreal, Canada

Sometimes, I just want to stay in my comfort zone and ignore what might help me and my business grow. However, the outcome is so positive that you will be proud of yourself.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: My passion is to help people live a simpler life. As a professional organizer, I love to bring solutions to clients’ spaces by decluttering and organizing in a way that is functional and aesthetically pleasant. 

Growing up, I admired my dad’s taste in interior design (he was a notary though) and my mom’s sense of minimalism. I hadn’t heard of my profession until 2016 when I read Marie Kondo’s book and started researching about it. I studied to become a Certified Professional Organizer at POC (Professional Organizers in Canada), and I quit my full-time job as a daycare teacher to open my company Tidy Up.Solutions in Montreal.

I also combined my two passions—teaching and organizing—by teaching workshops to kids and adults.

I can’t wait to go back to clients’ homes! But in the meantime, I am giving webinars and virtual organizing sessions. 



Photography credit: Laurence Campbell


Q: What were your younger years like?

A: I grew up in a beautiful tiny country with the best beaches in South America! Uruguay. I’m the second oldest of 6 kids. Both of my parents had full-time jobs, and my house was always in order. Yes, believe it or not. But I’ll tell you why: First of all, we didn’t have any clutter at all—very few toys and clothes. Secondly, we had help at home, so when my parents arrived from work, the laundry was done, dinner was ready, and the house was clean. What a privilege!

I got married in 2006, and one year later, I moved to Montreal, Canada, to study and have the experience of living abroad. Life is different here in many ways. Having help at home is not as common and a lot more expensive. I always thought of having 6 kids, but 3 is a good number.

Having an organized home is key for living with less stress and more joy.



Q: What is something valuable you’d like others to know?

A: In 2016, I knew I wanted to become an organizer. But there was an inner thought that didn’t let me ‘jump in the water’ for two years.

That was fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of ‘what if’; what if I fail?; what if no one hires me?; what if I suck?; what if I don’t make money and have to go back to my previous job?…etc.

I learned and I am still learning to confront and overcome my fears. It’s not easy. Sometimes, I just want to stay in my comfort zone and ignore what might help me and my business grow. However, the outcome is so positive that you will be proud of yourself.

Believe in yourself and work hard.



Q: What does feminism mean to you?

A: For me, feminism is having the same rights and opportunities as men.



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