Woman Wednesday: Corrie

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Q and A with Corrie, Baltimore County, Maryland

Teacher, Animal Lover, Towson University Alumni

“I wasn’t a failure or a quitter for changing my major. I was making myself happy. I also learned that it is very hard to stick with something when people are against you, but in the end, it is worth it.” 


Q: What are you passionate about?
A: My passions include teaching, animals, and conservation.
I am currently a 4th grade teacher. I absolutely love teaching. I feel at home in a classroom surrounded by students. My students bring out the best in me, and my goal is that I can do the same for them.




I didn’t always want to be a teacher. When I was younger, I saw myself working with animals. My first job was being a kennel technician at an animal hospital. I eventually moved on to be a veterinary technician, which I continued to do all throughout college. While working at the animal hospital, I started being a nanny for a doctor that I worked with. I instantly fell in love with being around the kids. I really enjoyed helping them with their homework. I started to rethink my entire life path, and I became a teacher.
My love and compassion for animals never went away. Being a teacher allows me to teach my students about animals and conservation. I enjoy telling my students about all my pets- most of them are rescues. We talk often about the impact we have on our environment and the animals we share our environment with. I constantly let them know that they can be an advocate for animals and our environment in many ways.






Q: What were your younger years like?
A: My family has had the biggest impact on my life. I was raised by my father. He was a single parent raising myself and my brothers. My dad worked hard to give us a great life. Every day, I strive to make him proud. Growing up in a family of all men wasn’t always easy. Let’s face it; girls and boys are different. I didn’t have a lot of confidence around other girls and women. I wasn’t used to being around them. My dad is amazing and always encouraged me to be a strong woman. He even bought me books about how to be a strong woman when I was in middle school. He knew how important it was for me to feel comfortable in my own skin.




When I was in college, I started as a biology major. I was almost finished with my degree when I decided to pursue teaching. Most people were very supportive, but of course, some were not. People thought I was crazy when I told them I was switching majors. They questioned my motives. They often brought up my love for animals, and they brought up the cost of education. There were a few times when I almost decided not to switch majors and to just stick with what I started. I’m glad I didn’t. I learned a few valuable lessons from that experience. One thing I learned is that change isn’t a bad thing. I wasn’t a failure or a quitter for changing my major. I was making myself happy. I also learned that it is very hard to stick with something when people are against you, but in the end, it is worth it. The last thing I learned was that a great support system is so important. My husband, Tony, who was my fiancé at the time, supported me in my decision to no end. He was my biggest advocate and supporter. I would like others to learn that change can be a good thing, to always stick with what your mind and heart are telling you, and to keep positive people in your life.



Q:What does feminism mean to you?
A: What does feminism mean to me? That used to be a very hard question for me. I honestly used to believe that feminism was a negative word. I thought it was a word that was used to describe women who hated men. I was raised by my father and brothers, so, of course I didn’t hate men. It took me a while to realize that feminism doesn’t have to be negative. To me, feminism means believing in yourself as a woman. It means knowing that you can do anything and everything you put your mind to. Feminism means wanting the best for all women. It means wanting to see women succeed in their careers and life.



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