Holiday Gifts From Our Featured Women

Happy Holidays to you, our cherished readers! Wherever you are in the world, we hope that you are safe, cozy, and feeling loved during this special time of year. While this busy time of year can be very stressful, there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself to something you’d enjoy. Here are some gifts for you, free and at (optional) cost. Click on the highlighted text for the corresponding links. Enjoy!

Gifts from women featured on The Woman Wednesday Blog:

Free meditation class. From Maja, available here.

Free weekly recipes that are fresh, tasty, and unlike other mainstream recipes you’ll find online. From Alysha, available here.

Free beauty and special-effects makeup tips. From Kerry Ingram, available here.

A free, PDF downloadable/printable recipe for a delicious spicy shrimp meal. From Annie, available here.

A good romance (free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!) with a spin: merman meets woman. From Dee J. Stone, available here.

A good, science fiction book to read. Only $3.99 on Kindle! From Megan, available here.

A scary movie! (Free for Amazon Prime members!) Based on a story from Ellicott City, Maryland. Featuring our featured actress Rachel! Available here.

A handmade, leather journal made with love. From Mecyll, available here.

Holiday-styled nails (sticker nails!) that are low maintenance and cute. From Miriam with Beauty Kissed Nails, available here.

A book to help cope with loss. From Lorie (and free for Kindle Unlimited users!), available here.

Free, fun video game created by a woman-owned and operated video game company. From Boba Studios, available here.

Cute masks, artwork, tees, coffee cups with handmade designs, and MORE! From Leilani Romero, available here.

A free, printable color page for you (or, if you’re a mother, for your child!) and book series teaching children about friendship and important values while entertaining them. From Stacy! Click here for printable. Click here for Stacy’s book series.

Beautiful artwork. From Ramona, available here.

Real, pre-grown plants! From Sam, available here.

Free to watch, BET comedy series. From Jourdan, available on YouTube.

Rodan + Fields skincare. From Thao, available here.

SeneGence makeup. From Chanel, available here.

A princess subscription box for your little girl so you can play princesses together (if you’re a mother of a daughter). From Kelly, available here.

An online fitness coach. From Mary, available here.

One-of-a-kind, crafted jewelry from Romania. From Ioana, available here.

Free inspirational message via YouTube TEDx video. From Cait Scudder, available here.

We hope you enjoy one, some, or all of these gifts from our past, talented featured women from The Woman Wednesday Blog!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 😊

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